About the Blind

the Blind

12′ – 16′ – 20′ – 24′ duck blind designs

Our open seat duck blind designs have ample storage for blind bags, gun cases, ammo boxes, cooking supplies, and other equipment. A front storage shelf holds calls, shells, binoculars, coffee and doughnuts — with plenty of space to prepare your favorite breakfast or lunch. Gun hooks are easily accessed before and after taking a shot for quick, secure firearm safety.

Hunting is all about patience, and it’s a lot easier to stay patient if you’re warm. Three 15,000 BTU burners, along with the built-in propane tank compartment, hose, and regulator keep hunters warm and dry. Custom seat cushions, rubberized floor mats, and a fold-up step for easy access make even the slowest days in the field a pleasure.

Weather-tight covers and step caps keep our blinds clean and dry 365 days a year, preventing rust. 100% natural broomcorn or Dura Cover panels create total concealment for the entire blind. Adjustable flap mounts allow for other camouflaging material and lengths.


Created in 1956…Kohler Blinds have always been the best duck blinds money can buy. Call Mike Cunningham at 402.450.5658 and order yours today! 


Broomcorn & Dura Cover Panels

100% natural broomcorn is shipped in 25 lb. boxes or in full bales averaging 150 lbs.

Dura Cover panels measure 28″ x 60″, the industry standard set by Kohler Blinds.

Dog Box

What’s a hunting trip without man’s best friend by your side? The dog box keeps your dog out of harm’s way, comfortable, and gives him or her a clear view to mark downed birds.

(Made famous by Brewster McKee, the greatest retriever of all time!!)