Waterfowl Hunting Blind — Hunt Like You Mean It

Total concealment doesn’t have to mean total discomfort. Kohler Blinds are the best duck blinds for sale, and the only duck pit blinds on the market with a built-in heating system, rubberized floor mats, durable seat cushions, a fold-up step for easy access, and 100% natural broomcorn or Dura Cover panels. Your worst day hunting in a Kohler Blind is better than your best in your living room.

Years of Enjoyment

Thousands of hunters over 60 years can’t be wrong. This blind was originally designed by Ralph Kohler, the duck hunting legend from Tekamah, Nebraska. But we didn’t stop there.

What started in 1956 continues today using state-of-the-art technology, double seam welds, a powder-coat finish inside and out, and a rust prevention system to keep your investment protected for years to come.


Kohler Blinds have always been the best duck blinds money can buy.

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